To Download The Signal 23 App To Your Roku Device Please Make Sure Your Computer/Mobile Device And Roku Device Are Connected To The Same WiFi Network. Our Channel Is A Private Channel So There Are A Few More Steps. YOU CAN NOT JUST SEARCH "SIGNAL 23 TV" ON YOUR ROKU.  FOLLOW THESE STEPS BELOW.

  • Please Open On Your Computer/Mobile Device To Download Our App

  • Select The "Add Channel" Button. Then Head Over To Your Roku Device. 

  • You'll Need To Update Your Roku By Going To "Settings" Then To "System" And Click "System Update." 

  • Click The "Check Now" Button To Push The Private Channel To Your Roku Device. 

  • You Should Now See The App On Your Roku Homepage.


Subscribing And Linking Your Roku Device

When Reviewing The Content On Our App You'll Notice Some Of Our Content Requires A Subscription. You Have The Option To Subscribe On Our Website By Following The Instructions Below. Please Note That You'll Get Your Pin From Your Roku Device

  1. Sign Up For A Subscription At Http://

  2. You'll Be Asked To Create A Login, Pick A Subscription Plan, And Then Link Your Roku Device

  3. To Get Your Roku Pin Please Go To The Signal23 Roku App 

  4. Go To A Video That Requires A Subscription, For Example "Five Days In The A" 

  5. Select "Link Device" 

  6. Here You'll See Your Pin 

  7. Enter This Pin As The Last Step In Subscribing On Our Website

This Will Unlock The Content On Your Roku Device And You Should Not Be Able To Watch All Videos. 

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